Complete Organization

An Integrated Enterprise

At Mei Shun Fang, our emphasis on integrated
and efficient team efforts is illustrated through our
concept of "An Integrated Enterprise", which
consists of the following divisions, departments
and sections:

Management Control Division

     * Internal Audit
     * Accounts
     * Human Resources & Development
     * Information Management

Business Operation & Development Division

     * Sales

     * Purchasing
        >> Store

     * Research & Development
        >> Design
        >> Paper Design
        >> Marker

     * Production
        >> Sewing
        >> Planning Control
        >> Maintenance
        >> Cutting

     * Import & Export
        >> Packing

Under this concept of "An Integrated Enterprise",
our core business operations are backed by strong support from our Management Control Division and Development Division. We have qualified, experienced and dedicated individuals who work together in a spirit
of teamwork while continuously improvising and leading each division, department and section.

Collectively, these divisions, departments and sections create the resources for us to offer a complete range of products and services to our customers. Through our comprehensive service, we are able to ensure customer satisfaction and develop lasting relationships.

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